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Reload Computers MOVING PEOPLE FORWARD Doing IT better since 2004

 Service and repair

TIME: Most problems is fixed within 24hours
MONEY: The most cost effective solution for the problem at hand. Repairing the problem and cause. Preventing the recurrence of the same problem. PRODUCTIVITY: A slow computer is robbing you of time. RELIABLITY: We only use products that have been proven to be reliable and dependable. The suppliers we make use of are the leaders in the IT market.


New Laptops Notebooks and desktops
All the software and drivers fully loaded ready to turn on and work or play. We are always available to help We do not close at 5pm or closed on Saturday at 1pm, comeback on Monday?
Open from 8am till 8pm Monday to Saturday

Data recovery

Leading data recovery experts  with affordable data recovery solutions. We provide you with expert advice when it comes to recovering your data.

Don't throw your money away on new OEM inkjet cartridges! Refill your existing inkjet cartridges for as low as R50 for Black cartridge. With our high quality inkjet refills kits or buy new compatible cartridge. Toner replacement cartriges From R200


Refill and replacement printer ink and Toner  


 Remote support

Education and Learning

 Damage assessments

Recycle all computers and parts Download software

There are many courses to choose from:

  1. Stop pop-ups
  2. basic PC repair
  3. download Movies, music and series

Training for staff or friends.

Thing to look out for and not become a victim of hackers. Spy ware, malware or encryption virus.

Bring your old computer, laptop, printers and gadget. We recycle  all old computers for you,.

We repair or replace broken Laptop screens. If you need a Quote for claims we can help.